We are Leidenschaft

The Only Company Culture Agency in Finland.

Finland needs a more passionate working life. Passion generates innovation. Passion creates amazing customer experiences, takes organizations and people forward. It does not come on by command, nor does it come on by desire – it requires action. Passion is an employee’s gift to an organization that they feel deserves it.

Our passion is to form cultures in which work and passion can be spoken of in the same sentence. We help you make your culture a competitive advantage.

Company culture

Culture is everything.

Company culture this, company culture that. Yes, we talk a lot about company culture because it is our core competence. However, we dare to say that company culture has no intrinsic value. No company exists to be a great company culture. Company culture is always “just” a tool that helps the company to achieve its goals and its raison d’être.

However, culture is a very strong tool. It’s not sheet of sandpaper,  it’s a bunch of dynamite. The power of culture must be understood and it must be managed. Leidenschaft’s experienced professionals can help you to get a grip on your culture and manage it with confidence.

What does Leidenschaft do?

Get in the driver’s seat on company culture matters.

Every company has a culture. It’s either led, or it happens. A good culture that supports the organisation’s goals is led, a bad culture happens without effort.

We specialize in understanding, writing, designing and managing company cultures. However, we cannot bring you a good culture from the outside. We help you build a winning culture, but we always do it together with you and your organization.

Our customers

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If you are concerned about company culture, how to manage it or how to change it, please feel free to contact us. We will discuss with you any challenge or opportunity you face in your day-to-day work. With any luck, we can find a solution to your challenges together. We are also brave enough to say no if we are not at our best when it comes to your challenge. An hour spent with us is sure to be useful.