Can you lead a company culture?

Yes! If you don’t lead it, it will lead you. Leidenschaft has a simple framework for managing (and changing) the company culture, as well as a process to help you lead your culture. The three phases of the framework are described below. We offer services for all phases.

Become conscious

In order to lead the company culture, we need to know where we are now and where we want to go. When starting to lead (or change) culture, it is most important to become honestly aware of the current state of the culture. The company must also become aware of its target culture, i.e. the kind of culture it believes it needs to succeed.

Design and build to support

When it is clear to the organization what it wants to be, what it wants to achieve and how it believes it can achieve the goals, culture must be designed to support these goals and insights. Culture can and should be designed. In this framework, by designing we refer to the formulation of the practices, structures, rituals and other artefacts of the organisation in such a way that they support the target culture. Design is both the creation of new operating models and the dismantling of old ones.

Live it!

A good culture can quickly become a former good culture if the practices are forgotten or if the values that guide the organisation become annual report material, without being in touch with the everyday life of the company.

No culture is ever ready. Company culture is constantly tested, in every act, in every interaction. Therefore, it is difficult to live a target culture every day. Therefore, one must be aware of culture and each person of the organization, and especially its directors, must act in accordance with the culture, supporting it in all actions and activities.


This millennium’s employee survey.

The old way in which employee surveys have been carried out has come to an end. The Siqni employee survey provides a fresh, individualized way to understand employees and develop the organization. In traditional employee surveys, we usually ask questions that we expect to be important. People respond to things that are not necessarily relevant to them. And on the basis of this information, decisions are made when we think we are asking people the right questions.

In Siqni, instead of guessing what the right questions are, we let the staff tell us what is most relevant to them. The organisation’s development efforts are targeted where they have the greatest impact. Siqni helps the organization find pain points and places where things are good.

Siqni engages employees in organizational development by asking for targeted suggestions for organizational development and producing clear, categorized reports on open responses.

Siqni - Tämän vuosituhannen henkilöstökysely

Any questions? We would be happy to tell you more.

We never want to eat alone. We are willing and eager to talk to you about any challenge or opportunity you might be facing. With any luck, we can find a solution to your challenges together. We are also brave enough to say no if we are not at our best when it comes to your challenge. To date, an hour spent with us has not taken any organisation backwards.

If company culture is important to you or your company, please contact us.