Us = Leidenschaft.

Top gang. That’s how we describe ourselves.

Top gang. That’s how our customers describe us.

A top gang is a complex term. First of all, it certainly describes our expertise, as we are top experts and pioneers in company culture design. But that is not all. The top gang also means we’re a superior team: We help each other, care about each other and help each other develop. Every day.


The task is to fix (only) the whole of Finland.

Finnish working life is broken and we have decided to fix it. We firmly believe that HR, as we know it, is dead. Not because the needs of “classical” HR have disappeared from the organizations, but because the administrative HR work has been transferred naturally to the supervisors and ever evolving information systems. For this reason, organizations no longer need HR in its classical sense, but something completely new. However, for the sake of clarity, we talk about HR here too, but by HR we mean something quite different from grinding payroll processes and holiday record keeping.

Leidenschaft’s talents bring not only themselves and their own expertise to your organization, but also the experience and understanding of our entire community (and there is plenty of that). In April 2022, when we joined forces with Eezy Flow and our shoulders broadened even wider.


Something on your mind? Don’t hesitate, contact us!

We never want to eat alone. We are willing and eager to discuss any challenge or opportunity you might be facing. With any luck, we can find a solution to your challenges together. We are also brave enough to say no if we are not at our best when it comes to your challenge. To date, an hour spent with us has not taken any organisation backwards.

If company culture is important to you or your company, please contact us.